Upcoming Braise Culinary School Classes


Sept. 10th - Nov. 16th: "A Semester at Braise" - $1500

Are you a talented home cook looking for a more extensive option to hone your culinary skills? Become a student in our Semester at Braise. This hands on ten-week course covers the fundamentals of cooking and baking as well as menu planning and wine pairing. Each student will receive a culinary textbook, chef coat and apron as well as the option to purchase a basic knife kit from Fein Brothers. Finally, the class will culminate in a Graduation Dinner where you and your classmates will create a four course meal with the chefs of Braise for your friends and family.  



Thursday, September 18th: "Braise Basics - Stocks & Sauces" - $65

In this hands on class join Dave Swanson, chef & owner, as he guides you through creating classic sauces like buerre blanc, mayonnaise, vinaigrettes and more. You'll also receive an introduction to veal, chicken and fish stocks from bare bones! Make sure to bring tupperware so you can bring your stocks & sauces home with you!


Thursday, October 9th: "Braise Basics - Homemade Pasta" - $65

Demystify this classic Italian staple in this hands on class as we make fresh pasta and ravioli. We will explore fillings such as the classic ricotta and herb. Gnocchi, the famous potato dumpling, will be taught as well. Make sure to bring tupperware so you can take your pasta home!



Saturday, October 11th: "Oodles of Noodles - Pasta Sauces for Kids" - $30

Here at Braise, we believe that basic cooking skills are indispensable. Get your young ones started early with our very first kid's cooking class! They will learn how to make two easy and healthy sauces that taste great over whole wheat or gluten free pasta. Both sauces will include fresh veggies and herbs from our rooftop garden to create mini masterpieces in the kitchen. After they finish cooking, students and instructors will head up to the rooftop for a garden tour and pasta picnic. Ages 9+ please!



Thursday, October 16th: "New Zealand Chef, Tina Duncan"

details coming soon!


Thursday, October 23rd: "Sitka Salmon Shares"

details coming soon!


More classes will be posted soon! 

Advanced reservations required. A one-week (7 days) cancellation notice is required for a refund. No refunds or credits will be issued with less than one week’s cancellation. All classes are held at Braise Restaurant & Culinary School unless otherwise noted.