Upcoming Braise Culinary School Classes


January 21st - March 22nd: "A Semester at Braise" - $1500

Are you a talented home cook looking for a more extensive option to hone your culinary skills? Become a student in our Semester at Braise. This hands on ten-week course covers the fundamentals of cooking and baking as well as menu planning and wine pairing. Each student will receive a culinary textbook, chef coat and apron as well as the option to purchase a basic knife kit from Fein Brothers. Finally, the class will culminate in a Graduation Dinner where you and your classmates will create a four course meal with the chefs of Braise for your friends and family.  


Thursday, October 23rd: "Sustainable Seafood with Sitka Salmon Shares" - $65

Sitka Salmon Shares is a fishermen-owned company in Sitka, Alaska that helps its independent small-scale fishermen sell their products to consumers in the Midwest. Sitka Salmon Shares runs a Community Supported Fishery, much like a CSA, but for fish! Join Sitka fisherman, Marsh Skeele, as he shares the Sitka Salmon Shares story as well as shows you how to break down a whole king salmon. Then, Chef Dave Swanson will demonstrate how to prepare some delicious seafood dishes!


Thursday, November 6th: "Braise Basics - Turkey Day Planning Made Easy" - $65

Join Chef Dave Swanson in this hands on cooking class as he helps your plan out your Thanksgiving Day cooking schedule. Also, learn some modern twists on the old classics such as stuffing, gravy and sauces. Learn the secrets to cooking your turkey without drying it out! SOLD OUT, CLICK BELOW TO SIGN UP FOR THE WAITING LIST. 


Saturday, November 8th: "Fall Favorites - Cooking Class for Kids" - $30

Here at Braise, we believe that basic cooking skills are indispensable. Get your young ones started early with our kid's cooking classes! Let your child's imagination run wild with new possibilities for their fall favorites. Cinnamon, squash and apples can be transformed into healthy treats that are savory and sweet. This hands-on class will have them chopping, roasting and pureeing while we learn about where their favorite fall foods and spices come from. Ages 9+ please.


Wednesday, November 12th: "Braise Basics - One Pot Classics" - $65

In this hands on class Chef Dave Swanson will help you prepare for the cold months ahead by teaching you how to make hearty dishes such as Coq Au Vin, Pozole & Kohlrabi Curry!


Wednesday, November 19th: "Braise Basics - Seasonal Tarts & Pies" - $55

Join Braise pastry chef & owner of Miss Molly's Pastries, Molly Sullivan, in this hands on class as she guides you through making pumpkin pie from scratch as well as a delicious nut & apple tart!


Wednesday, December 3rd: "Braise Basics - Knife Skills" - $45

In this hands on class join Dave Swanson, chef and owner, and learn classic cute, knife techniques and hot to properly handle and sharpen your knife collection. *Please bring your own knives to class



Wednesday, December 10th: "Braise Basics - Christmas Cookies & Confections" - $55

Join Braise pastry chef & owner of Miss Molly's Pastries, Molly Sullivan, in this hands on class as she guides you through making classic holiday treats. Want to give homemade holiday gifts this year? Learn how to make homemade caramel corn, toffee peanuts and Linzer cookies! And yes, you get to keep everything you make (but only if you have been nice this year)!



Wednesday, December 17th: "Braise Basics - Hearty Soups" - $65

In this hands on class Chef Dave Swanson will help you stay warm with these hearty soups! Learn how to make stock from scratch as well as Split Pea & Cured Ham Soup, Black Bean & Chorizo Soup and Root Vegetable Beef Stew with Horseradish Cream. Make sure to bring tupperware so you can bring home your dishes to share!



Advanced reservations required. A one-week (7 days) cancellation notice is required for a refund. No refunds or credits will be issued with less than one week’s cancellation. All classes are held at Braise Restaurant & Culinary School unless otherwise noted.More classes will be posted soon!