Upcoming Braise Culinary School Classes


If Purchasing a Specific Class as A Gift: When checking out, please denote that the purchase is a gift and the name of recipient. If you would like us to send the gift card directly to the recipient please include his or her address. If not, we will send the gift card to the purchaser. 

We also sell gift cards that can be used for any Culinary School class. 


COMING WINTER 2016: "A Semester at Braise" - $1500

Tickets for the Winter Semester will go on sale Wednesday, August 5th.  

Are you a talented home cook looking for a more extensive option to hone your culinary skills? Become a student in our Semester at Braise. This hands on ten-week course covers the fundamentals of cooking and baking as well as menu planning and wine pairing. Each student will receive a culinary textbook, chef coat and apron as well as the option to purchase a basic knife kit from Fein Brothers. Finally, the class will culminate in a Graduation Dinner where you and your classmates will create a four course meal with the chefs of Braise for your friends and family.  


Thursday, August 6th: "Pickling & Preserving" - $65

Want all of your fresh produce to last through the winter? Learn the basics of pickling and preserving in this hands on class. Learn how to make blueberry jam and pickled veggies as well as the proper canning technique! SOLD OUT, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THE WAITING LIST.   



Thursday, August 27th: "Cajun Cuisine" - $65

Join Chef and Owner, Dave Swanson, as he teaches you about the cuisine that inspired his love for American regional cooking. Join Dave as he teaches you how to make some of the classic Cajun dishes he learned while working at Commander's Palace in New Orleans.  


Thursday, September 10th: "Knife Skills" - $45

In this hands on class join Dave Swanson, chef and owner, and learn classic cuts, knife techniques and how to properly handle and sharpen your knife collection. *please bring your own knives. 



Thursday, September 24th: "Breakfast Pastries" - $55

Join Braise Pastry Chef & Owner of Miss Molly's Pastries, Molly Sullivan, in this hands on class as she guides you through making scones, quick breads and cinnamon rolls from scratch!



Thursday, October 15th: "German Favorites" - $65

Guten tag! In this hands on class join Dave Swanson, chef and owner of Braise, as he guides you through the classic German dishes of schnitzel and braised red cabbage. The technique for making spaetzle will also be demonstrated in class. Leave with the knowledge to make these German favorites at home!



Thursday, October 22nd: "Bread 101" - $65

In this hands on class join Dave Swanson, chef and owner, as he guides you through the basics of making our ciabatta and focaccia breads. You will also learn about flours, yeasts, starters and how to proof and bake breads at home. 



Thursday, October 29th: "Homemade Pasta" - $65

Demystify this classic Italian staple as we make fresh pasta and ravioli. We will explore fillings such as the classic ricotta and herb. Gnocchi, the famous potato dumpling, will be taught as well. Make sure to bring tupperware so you can bring your pasta home!



Advanced reservations required. A one-week (7 days) cancellation notice is required for a refund. No refunds or credits will be issued with less than one week’s cancellation. All classes are held at Braise Restaurant & Culinary School unless otherwise noted.